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Welcome to 'Uterus Didelphys Help'.

This is a website for women with Uterus Didelphys (or similar conditions) to meet and speak. We aim to have a friendly, open atmosphere so we can feel comfortable to discuss our condition together. Please make use of the forums and enjoy! 

What is Uterus Didelphys?

Uterus Didelphys is a condition which often results in a woman having two uteri (wombs), two cervices and sometimes two vaginas (there are many variations of the condition). It is thought that this develops due to the 'two halves' (or mullerian ducts) of the reproductive system that we all start out with not fusing properly before birth. This results in having two sets of reproductive organs. In effect, it is one set in half, hence why most women have only two ovaries (one for each womb). There are many other similar conditions and variations of Uterus Didelphys, all of which can be discussed on this site.

Who is this site for?

I was diagnosed 10 years ago at 14 (click here if you'd like to read my story). I found it very difficult to come to terms with having this condition and the complications that it may bring about in later life. When I was diagnosed, there were very few people to talk to, inaccurate information online, too much intimidating medical information and little support available. I know that someone to talk to would have been a great help.

This is why I created this site. For people who simply want to talk about it. Whether it be on a medical or personal level, there is somebody to talk to here. Most importantly, I would love to think that this site might be able to help people to understand and accept their condition and to be happy just as they are.


If you are reading this and are thinking 'That's me!', please leave a message in the guestbook or email at:   [email protected]

All users may of course remain anonymous or use a false name and any information passed on will remain confidential. This includes names, information of experiences, contact details (including email address) and anything else that you mention, unless you give permission for it to be shared.

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