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I have been diagnosed with UD this week and am feeling very overwhelmed by all of it, especially since I am a newlywed and have no children yet---it doesn't help that there is very little information online about all of it!  

How did most people learn of their diagnosis?  I am 27, have had paps and pelvic exams since I was 16, and no other OB has had any suspicions.  I only have a partial longitudinal septum, but I do have two cervix and two uteruses.  I am being referred to a reproductive specialist in the next week or so and have been told I may need surgery in order to have kids---what kind of surgery does that usually mean?  

All so new and crazy!  I have started a blog at mytwouteruses.blogspot.com to try and reach out as well to anyone else while I am going through this unexpected life event.  It is so overwhelming

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I had what you have - two cervixes, two uteri and a partial septum (up top of vagina only). It was discovered when I had my first pap around age 20. I had surgery to remove the septum around that time - that was a breeze. Day surgery and no post op pain, just the wooziness associated with a general. I assume they mean you would have to have septum removed to give birth naturally. I'm now 32 and 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. Pregnancy proceeding well with no problems. I was shocked and scared when I first was diagnosed too but don't despair, there are loads of women out there who have ud and go on to have families :)
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Thank you for your encouragement!  I go in for surgery to remove the septum tomorrow morning and am very nervous...never had surgery before!  How long was the recovery time after your surgery?  Was sex different/better/worse after you had your septume removed?

And congratulations on your pregnancy! 

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