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Hey all! I had surgery 9 months ago to remove my septum. I have noticed that sometimes there is pain during sex, especially when we use a condom. I was wondering if anyone has experienced that before -- Could it be because of the scarring? Or could it be a more general problem? 


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A strutt
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I had this for a while, I think it's temporary sensitivity in your scars and it will most likely calm down the more you heal. Although I would check in with your consultant anyway. :)
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After removing the septum, I still had pain during sex. The pain is so bad that I always end up crying after intercourse. I have been told by my gyne to use a dilator, but I haven't been able to use one. I have accepted that there will always be pain. I never had scar tissue, however it's been about 11 years after I had surgery and the pain has become increasingly worse. My gyne suspects the scare tissue is becoming more evident. After my last exam, my gyne noticed more tissue. I was told there is nothing else that can be done.

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