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Dear girls, please help me! I was supposed to have my period yesterday but instead of my very abundant period, i noticed brown spotting which turned today into quite dark red flow (this kind of blleding i use to have at the end if my period) The problem is that i always - and i mean always- have overflowing periods and now it’s just a very “light” period.. I tried to see which uterus was bleeding and it turned to be the one i didn’t "use" this month (I had intercourse in the other one). I don’t have signs of early pregnancy but this doesn't mean i stopped hoping i would get pregnant this month.. Please help me and let me know if it's possible to be pregnant in on uterus but steel bleeding in the other one… Thank you so much , kisses!



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Yes it is totally possible, especially if you have a vaginal septum, and both sides are totally separate.  It is actually not that uncommon to have periods throughout your pregnancy.  I never had, other than a bleed at 9 weeks, which I think was my left side, but I have heard of women who have regular periods throughout, or irregular bleeds.  Best bet is to do a pregnancy test, and see what you get.

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Unfortunately..It was just a false alarm, although i know for sure thatthere's been something different this time..

Anyway,  I did a pregnancy test - an of coursed it turnednegative.

I know that there are a lot of women still having their period in pregnancy but i was wondering if this is more likely to happen in our case as compared with the rest.  I was too thrilled when i posted


Thank you Alison!


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Hello! Andrea, did you end up getting pregnant? If so, are you still having periods? I am going thru the same thing right now. Hoping to be preggs, 5 days late, and I started a heave and very painful period this morning. 😢 There's still that bit of hope that maybe it's my "other" uterus. I only have 1 vagina, so I'm not sure which side 'tis menstrating. Maybe they both are at the same time? I've always had regular times cycles. Typically 28 days on average. This one was 32 days tho! My last three months were 26 and 27 days. *sigh* still so many questions about how my organs function. It can be tiresome.
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JK, have you taken a pregnancy test yet? Are you seeing a high risk Ob/gyn to help you get pregnant? I tried for a year and after lots of disappointment and money spent on pregnancy tests, I went to my Ob/gyn for help. He put me on Clomid and two other hormone drugs. Took almost 6 months. I had never been so sick of having sex. Lol! But then a miracle truly happened and I got pregnant. Keep me posted. The chances for conception are less for us because the embryo has to latch onto the muscular wall of the uterus versus the septum wall separating the the two uterus. An embryo can't grow and survive on the septum wall. I hope that makes sense. I've been able to conceive two boys now and I'm done! Those rascals keep me busy.
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three month of my pregnancy were difficult for me,because as we all know the level of hormones in your blood has reached its maximum, that’s why morning sickness, nausea, vomiting and tiredness won’t become stronger and, on the contrary, have already started to subside. But changeable mood can remain even at this stage. Your breasts and belly can swell a bit, so you can boldly go to the store for future mothers and get more comfortable clothes.http://motherhow.com/3-months-pregnant/ ;  The uterus is growing week by week and by the end of the month it fills the whole pelvic area.

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