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As my title suggests I was diagnosed during an ultrasound aged 18. I had experienced heavy and painful periods and abdominal pain. This was due to a double vaginal cavity with septum - blocked at the bottom left side causing a blocakge of blood. This cuased me to have a huge cyst and subsequently - scarred my left fallopian tubes leaving me unable to conceive on the left (we think).

To all younger members - it did make int. quite painful and much easier after having the septum removed aged 23. My vagina is a little scarred inside but who cares!?

I have since had a successful 40 week pregnancy (2 days overdue) at 7LB. No miscarriages yet fingers crossed. Planning our second baby soon.

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I have the same thing a blockage on the left. I'm waiting for a surgery to remove the blockage, I hope I will be able to get pregnant I'm so stressed and nervous :(
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