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I've always had painful periods and heavy bleeding with ud. I have been told by my gyno that I'm not a candidate for ablation and I can't tolerate birth control. My period last for about 7 dys cramps 3 days before and lingering after finished. I was  was referred my a pain management clinic and was told they can't help . Then referred to a urogyno which doesn't deal with my condition. Living in south fl really has been not good in the doctor department. I'm tired of being in pain. I can't take care of my daughter who is 9 and has celiac diseas and diabetes when I'm not well. My son is 13 and has OCD which he takes medicine for but still has problems. My husband tries to help but I'm so depressed I'm losing weight from being pain almost 1/2 the month every month. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Is the only answer a partial hysterectomy?.

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Have you considered going on some type of oral birth control? That may help your imbalance of horomone levels dramatically changing.
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I know you said you can't take birth control but I found that that was a huge help! I have bad pain around my period because I have an ovarian cyst but i can skip my period with oral birth control meaning I have no pain. The doctor said I can skip periods no problem but I still have one about once every 3 months to make sure that I am pregnate. That is what works for me. I hope that helps!

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