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Hi, I'm 32 and in the process of having my first miscarriage. I was 5 1/2 weeks and didn't expect the miscarriage so soon. 

Quick history: I have double of everything, although I did have my septum removed when I was 21. Intercourse is still painful (scar tissue has become a new factor) and ejaculation is more so painful. Curious if anyone else has a similar issue where the ejaculation is more painful than intercourse??? My doctor says it is due to my anatomy. Nothing more. Otherwise everything is good. Menstruation is like clockwork , very regular.

My husband and I have been trying since Decemeber and are happy to know that I was able to get pregnant in Feb. I was aniticipating having a miscarriage, however not so soon. Does anyone know why?

As soon as I found out I was pregnant (I knew right away because of the right pelvic pain I had), I took it easy, resting a lot and eating well. My first experience with an ultra sound was not so great. They had to use the vaginal probe since they couldn't see much. The vaginal probe was extrememly painful. According to the ultrasound, there was enough room for growth and everything looked healthy.

I am prepared for what I have to go through, but as much as I feel I am prepared, it does take a toll on you, physically and emotionally.

Luckily, I have my mom to talk to (she has UD too). She has been telling me what she had to go through (many miscarriages, an abortion, a stillbirth..etc) and it's hearthbreaking to hear her talk about it since she is reliving it all through me. It took her 8 or 9 years to have me, and I feel that I've started way to late. I am worried about being in my 40s with my first child.

Any advice would be helpful :) 


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I have no advice on the pregnancy front as I have not had kids yet, however I can't wait until I do! I had my septum removed 3 years ago as well as repositioning of one of the cervices as one was behind the other and was causing severe pain... I went back a few weeks later still having problems with using tampons and sex was still painful. My consultant said basically just deal with it there's nothing more we can do. Since then I've had sex once or twice but have given up as it is too uncomfortable! But I will soon be going for a second opinion as I also don't want to be in my 40s when I have my children...the sooner the better! 


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