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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my positive pregnancy story in the hope of putting some minds at ease - I know it's easy to feel scared about pregnancy when you have UD!

I have two uteruses, two cervixes, and used to have a septum in my upper vagina until I got it surgically removed about 10 years ago.  I fell pregnant after a few months of trying.  Although I had to have scans every few weeks to ensure everything was ok (kind of annoying), my baby's growth was always on track and completely normal.

He arrived early at 36 weeks and 2 days, weighing 2.67kg.  I guess space had become at issue at that point and he needed to be born.  The doctors said he was completely healthy, just on the small side, and didn't need to be in the NICU. 

Now, one month later, he is a perfectly normal and healthy baby boy.

I wish everyone the best with their pregnancy journeys, and please know that normal pregnancies are very common even with UD :)

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Thank you!  Always great to read positive stories of pregnancy with UD, since my husband and I just started trying to have a baby and I found out I had UD this past November.  

Congrats on your little one!


God Bless


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