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Hi, i posted in the intro thread back in 2012 when i was pregnant with my now 3 yr old son. I have complete double uterus and cervix and partial vaginal septum. I was had a very normal pregnancy with no issues. My doctor strongly pushed for an elective c section at 38 weeks and i agreed as i thought he knew best. My son was 9lbs 4oz and was VERY squished. They needed to pry him out with forceps and his head was left badly bruised all over his face :( he was totally healthy though. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second and in the other uterus this time. This looks to be a similar situation and she seems to be an above average size. I have agreed to another c section but am starting to rethink it and wonder if i should attempt to go naturally. I read some scary stories about tearing septums and having long term issues afterwards which makes me nervous. This baby will likely be large and i am worried it could injure me beyond repair. Please share any birth stories that relate, i cant find much info out there. Both babies are/were head down by the way. Thanks
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I had a c section. Waters went at 31 weeks. Held on in hosp till 34 weeks. None of drs or nurses gave me much info about ud and pregnancy which is why i joined this site. My daughter was born weighing 4lb 15oz at 5.22am i wasnt allowed to hold her til just before midnight. Which killed me. She is 2 next month and im thinking about having another. Been told i will have steroid injections at 28 weeks next time incase i go into early labour again. Im under a specialist already. Asked if i can try and give birth naturally been told thats ok as long as baby isnt breech again xx
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Go on stories site for help

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