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Sun lady
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Hey so I just thought I would give a little intro to how I found myself here. I have had a fair amount of health problems and one time when I was 16 I was in the ER due to abdominal pain (not rare, I have a bowel disease) and they performed an ultrasound which was where I found out about this whole double uterus thing. The ultrasound tech had been called in at 2am just to examine me and he said it was completely worth getting up for and he went on to tell me about how completely seperated the halves of my uterus were that they were essentially two. Over the years I have had lots of MRIs as well and they have always noted it and called it bicorunate but my OBGYN says that on an MRI it is extremely hard to tell the 2 apart. So fast forward to today I have another ultrasound next week to confirm if it is either extreme bicorunate or UD - if it is UD I only have 1 vagina. I don't know about double cervix though...I thought my GYN would be able to tell me that but she seems to be unsure at this point as well as to exactly what to call it. 

Either way we just want to put a formal name to it because she wants to refer me to a high risk specialist with a accurate diagnosis. I am getting married very soon and we would like to think about having kids, and with previous health issues and this I have many obstacles in my way. 

Its hard having grown up with so many medical issues, this really feels like "just on more thing" and I know no matter what happens my future husband and I will get through it no problems, I just wish that it were easier sometimes- but thats why its great that places like this exist so people don't feel alone. 

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Hi Sun. Sounds like you have been through quite a lot already...not fun having so much pain. It's a good thing that you will be seeing a specialist especially before you get pregnant! It is very common to be misdiagnosed, I was also told that I had a bicornuate uterus when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter...it wasn't until I was pregnant w/my twins that I was properly diagnosed w/Didelphys. The good news is, both bicornuate and didelphys have had successful pregnancies and women have carried to term. There is always the risk of preterm labor, second trimester miscarriage...but every pregnancy has risks and you will be seeing a specialist to help you along the way. Chances are that you will have more ultra sounds during your pregnancy than the average woman does and be closely monitered during your second and third trimesters. Breech babies are common and C-section is usually the choice that doctors prefer for delivery....based on what I have read (and experienced). I delivered my twins at a teaching hosptial in Boston and met some great doctors! They were the first ones to admit that there is not a lot of information out there about this rare condition and they are still learning about it. The most important thing is that you find a doctor (when you're ttc) that is a high risk specialist and one that you are comfortable with! Good luck with your future marriage:) and family. Looking forward to updates!


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My friend has a problem of bicornuate uterus. In this article I found a lot of useful info http://motherhow.com/bicornuate-uterus/ but still it scares me a little...

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