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My name is Chessnie and I found out that I had Uterus D over two years ago but I should have found out a year before that. One night I was sent to the emergency room for bleeding (like pouring) durning intercorse. I almost died because it took the hospital so long to get a OB and then for her to figure out that I needed to be rushed to surgery. They never told me what happend but I had lost a lot of blood and to to get internal stitches (you know were). I later found out (a year later) that my septum had torn and I was openly bleeding. My boyfriend at the time was so amazing thoughout the whole thing. Skip to a year later I go to the emgency room due to pain in my side. They took an internal utralsound to see what was going on. When the doctor came to talk to me she said "You know you have two uteruses right?" I was like NO! She then told me I had an infection on my left ovary and that with Uterus D I MAY be able to have childern (a year later I found out it was a ovarian cyst not and infection). I have had my septum removed (the surgin who removed it said it was the thickes she had ever seen) and married the boyfriend that has been with me through it all and still excepts me and that I may have difficultly haveing kids. That is my biggest fear! I have had long cries over this but I love that the women here show pictures of thier babies! I am so excited to talk to women like me! I live int he middle of Australia (I'm American) with my husband so it is hard to find a specialist or anyone who knows anything! Please let me know your experiances too! Expecually if you have a cyst like me and what I should do about it! :)

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Hi, I also just found this website and hope that we can get some discussions going again. There is not at lot of information out there and even fewer people one can talk openly to about this kind of issue. I got the "jackpot" of being diagnosed with UD, an ovarian cyst and PCOS about a year ago.

It depends on the type and size of your cyst if one has to do anything about it - your gynocologist should be abe to tell you this. Most often one only has to control it regularly with ultrasound. Smaller ones go away by them selves. Mine is 4 cm nearing the size where it's less likely to shrink. If they are even bigger, grow atypically or cause pain eg during intercourse they can be surgicaly removed.

I have not heard that the cyst in itself lowers fertility, however my PCOS does as I seldom get ovulation/menstruation.

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My constant fear is also fertility and it's great to see some posts! Welcome!
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