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Hello! Happy to find a group like this as this has been something I felt very alone with for a while now. I found out I had 2 uteri when I was about 21-22 years old through my navy doctor. I had gone in complaining about sharp pains in my right side and ended up getting an ultrasound(first one ever) and that's when I was told about what I had. I was then told that I had to undergo tests to make sure other organs were not missing. Nothing was missing but then my doctor explained something to me that struck me as really odd. He explained to me that I was suppose to most likely be a twin but had never split from my twin. I was skeptical about this and no matter the research I've looked into this, I've never seen that explanation. He said there were no other issues except for one thing. He then also told me because of my condition, that he was 95% sure I was infertile. I was crushed. He never ordered any fertility tests as I was not currently trying to have a family but it's been a fear for me that this may be true until a news story popped up on my facebook feed a couple days ago of a woman having twins that weren't really twins. Then started digging and here I am. Now with the knifing through the forums I've done, I've learned SO many things that make sense! The frustration of tampons, the pain of sex(i.e. changing positions), lack of vaginal orgasms(this caused me so much distress thinking that past traumas were ruling my life no matter how much I felt I had come to terms with it!) And of course I feel relieved to see so many women who have had children but I'm still terrified to test myself. Do I get myself tested even if I'm still not ready to starrt my family? Sorry for the long intro, just felt like I've been in the dark for a long time :(
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