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November 2014 i found out I was pregnant..2 days later i started bleeding..I was praying for a miracle but I just FELT like something was wrong..I didn't want to face it...I was in and out of the hospital for weeks..I was preparing myself for the worse news..I had lost my baby..:( I was devistated. The only people who understand this pain are those who have been in this situation...

My husband and I weren't really trying but not preventing to get pregnant again.. I didn't think it could happen that fast so I wasn't expecting it. My period was late so I decided to take a test expecting it to say negative..I was completely caught off guard but we were both so excited, inside I was so scared. I made an appointment and went in for my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and 5 days. I saw the little heartbeat on the screen and heard the heart beating! so many tears of joy. I was convinced that everything would be okay.. i then came back for my second appointment and I was around 12 weeks and somedays.. my doctor listened to the heartbeat with the doppler and checked my cervix to make sure it was normal. Everything was good so he told me to come back in 4 weeks. I was sick constantly for those 4 weeks. I was so excited and it was becoming real we were going to be parents. I then went in to my next appointment...in my head im almost half way done ( 16 weeks 4 days) with this pregnany and i cant wait to meet my little one. My doctor went to listen to the heartbeat with the doppler and tried and tried...he heard nothing and immedietly took me in for an ultrasound. there was no movement and there was no heartbeat. Before he could even say anything I knew it wasnt good. He sent me to another doctor to confirm there was no heartbeat...and still nothing. He gave me the option to miscarry naturally which im not sure how long that would be since the baby was measuring 12 weeks and i've had no signs of miscarriage or the second option was to have a d&C. I'm scheduled to go in tomorrow and im nervous and scared. I've never had any surgeries done.

The pain is so much to handle emotionally this time...i've lost 2 babies. I'm trying to lose hope but my husband is discouraged and wants me to get on birth control for a while. He said he can't handle losing another. :( I don't know what to do. 

Rest in paradise to all the sweet Angel babies. 

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I'm sorry to hear about your losses. I know these words may not do much but I will have a prayer for you and your family. Maybe a way to remember them such as getting a tree planted or perhaps naming a star just as a memorial. It won't get rid of the pain but it's a way for you both to cope on the same level. He is just coping his way so it's always good to have something you can remember together in a different light or even to get deep dialogue going. Just wanted to reply go let you know you're not alone
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I haven't managed to get pregnant yet however I'm already dreading that it will happen to me too. Miscarage is quite common in the general population and also haveing UD sometimes feels like i curse. I feel for you and your family! As Phenomenot wrote it is important to allow oneselves to grieve. Don't abandon your hope but you have to get through this together, and when you both feel stronger you can plan for your future again. 

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