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Hello! So sad to find a group like this and feel relieved but then see not much activity on it but I still want to post a question that I've had. Is it crazy to get my fertility checked before wanting to conceive? I am in the military and it has always been that I would get out of the military when having my baby as I didn't want to leave my family to go out to sea all the time. I figure though if I were infertile then I'd stay in so would it be crazy to check my fertility now? I'm getting married next year and we both want to wait until after that to try and conceive. Thank you. Still happy I found this site
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I think it might be a good idea to see a gynocologist to get advice and more information on your condition. What I've been told by my gynocologist and other information I've found, UD does not lower the ability to become pregnant but rather increases the risk of miscarrige and early delivery. There is no way to get an advance notice how your fertility will be. Having a regular period is however a good indicator that it is.The doctor can check so that there are no other factors with you or your partner which might lower your fertility. However there are no guarantees and among the group of people having difficulties getting children a considerable portion is unexplained infertile where no abnormal anatomy or blood tests can be found. Equally unexplained, these couples may suddenly become pregnant. And also people with low fertility may suddenly become pregnant. 

I myself tried to figure out when it would be the best time to have a baby. I was studying medicine and then had several short term employments, but gathered that it would be perfect to become pregnant once I get my internship. Now we have tried unsucessfully for over a year (not because of UD but because I don't ovulate because of PCOS). Now we get help but every treatment attempt also takes a lot of time.

What I want to say with my story is that 1) there is no best time to become pregnant and 2) once you start trying there is no telling how long it will take untill you´re pregnant. Once your age draws close to 40 fertility naturally declines. So once you're married if you feel ready go for it and give it a try!

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