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Hi, has anyone here with a vaginal septum given birth vaginally?

I live happily with my vaginal septum, in fact I didn't even know I had it until last year. I've never had problems with it exept maybe that tampons didn't work that well. Therefor I have no plans of removeing it. I am however concearned about how it will be giving birth vaginally (which I think I'd prefer if given the choise). Will it strech or tear? Will it make it harder for the baby to pass through the birthcanal? If it tears will they repair it like with other tears? One side is more narrow and I therefore hope the baby will lie on the other side. I wonder how it otherwise might affect our sexlife (we only have sex on the wider side and am afraid it might cause problems if the other side is streched out). 

Please chare your experiences with me!

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