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Hi there

After ttc for 2 years, this last year i had 3 miscarriages.  On the 3rd miscarriage, it was picked up that i may have bicornate or a didelphys uterus.  I was sent for further investigations and my blood test work came back as normal and with a further scan, they are positive i have a didelphys uterus but with 1 cervix.  I am now waiting for an MRI scan to confirm what sizes they are - whether one is too small, which is making me miscarrage around 8 weeks.  

Would love to hear back from anyone who has gone through the same thing with recurring miscarriages, in the hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

With many thanks in advance


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I too have had 2 miscarrage slats year at that 8 week mark requiring 2 dnc each time to clean out my dr said there is nothing we can to change it the blood flow on that side of the uterus in not enough to carry it past that point.
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