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About 7 1/2 years ago I found out I had two uteruses. My husband at the time and I had been trying for a while to get pregnant with no luck. During an ultrasound the tech said wait what is that? He then called for another tech. That's how I found I had two cervixes. After more tests my GYN decided to do a resection of one of the cervixes to open it a bit more. Within 3 months I was pregnant!! The pregnancy went perfect...gained 45 lbs. And at 38 weeks I delivered a 7 lb 4 oz baby girl via c csection. Both uteruses tried to dilate and we think my body got confused. I am concerned about how both uteruses were cut in the process but no wy to know if it hurt anything. I have had one miscarriage since then. I don't think it was related. No baby formed just the sac. It was a painful and heartnumbing experience that still scares me. My new husband and I are currently trying to conceive and I'm worried but not as much as the first time. We realize it may not happen and we are thankful for our combined family of three girls (2 his 1 mine). If we face any problems related to UD I will be sure to share with you all!! One other thing...I have never been able to use tampons...figured it was a result of too mi h going on down there?!?
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