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hi guys

I'm so pleased I have found this site, I'm Katie and I am 26, I've been married to my amazing husband for 3 1/2 years and 2 years ago we started trying to conceive.

After getting no where we decided to go to the doctors who referred us to a Gynea, I have always suffered from heavy periods, leaking when using sanitary towels.

About 6 months ago I started to use tampons and discovered two holes, I eventually received my referral and expressed my concerns to the Gynea whol looked at me like I was crazy, until she examined me. It's never a good thing when your Gynea refers to you as an interesting case.

i have now entered a whirlwind of ct scans and ultrasounds which have revealed I have two uterus's, cervixes and vaginas. I'm now waiting for a surgery date so she can see whether my tubes are healthy.

im so scared that I am not able to conceive,

K x

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Hi, there are indeed many of us "out there" even though this forum is somewhat quiet right now.

There can be many reasons to not being able to conceive. For me the main obstacle has been PCOS, meaning that I don't ovulate naturaly. It's a hurdle we have been trying to overcome with medication for the last 12 months. Now we are being refered to IVF. Uterus didelphys is generally not linked to not being able to conceive, but rather an increased risk of somewhat premature labour. Sometimes there is no explanation to be had why you don't get pregnant, but don't dispair - there is help to get anyways! It sure needs a lot of patience though... The most important thing is that you have started the testing process. Good luck!

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Women with a bicornuate uterus have a high risk of miscarriage or premature birth... I found some info about it, because my friend have faced with this problem. You may read it here: http://motherhow.com/bicornuate-uterus/ but i still don't know what to think.

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You should be careful three months of your pregnancy,because you have the high risk of loss, you should follow all the advices that you can find,as i've done, http://motherhow.com/2-month-pregnant/ here there are all the right answers


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