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When I was 19 my doctor thought  that I've got a tumor in my cervix, so I went to see some specialists (sorry, english is not my main language, especially medical words) and they discovered that I've got two uteruses (everything else is normal, one ovary for each of them and sadly I've also got only one kidney) both work, but the left one didn't have an opening ( from the uterus to the cervix) and the blood from my period was in there, so I had my first surgery to remove the old blood. At the surgery they removed ~200ml of old blood and it also had some bacteria, so I was pretty lucky that they discovered it. I don't know why, but she didn't fix the opening then, she gave me birth control pills and told me to come back after I've had a baby. Next year I found myself another doctor who fixed the opening, I had a laparoscopy. They said that my uteruses look fine and I shouldn't have problems getting pregnant. Today I was bored and searched about my condition and somehow I found this, so here I am. (Finally a place where I'm not the "special one" )

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Welcome! It sure feels nice to find other people with the same condition. Makes me feel less like a freak. 

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Hey I'm Fuomi, In 2009 the doctor told me I had a double uterus. I was younger then and didn't care do so much about kids. He told me women with this medical condition usually have kidney issues and I should have an HSG done. He later informed me I had one kidney. Fast track years after 2016 today my Obgyn just told me I have UD- two uteri, two Vagina, two cervix and one kidney. I'm happy I found this site. I'm a triplet and my other sisters are fine. I'm the only one with this condition so I tell them I'm the only mutant lol...not to make it a light situation but I'm trying not to be sad about this. It's not like I have a choice. Lol. I've never really been pregnant and now I'm trying to have kids. Fingers crossed. I'm happy other ladies here have had kids so there's hope... I spoke to my obgyn and asked about the possibility of having the vaginal septum removed because this might increase chances of conception and less pain during sex (which is really a problem). When I have sex it's like there's a barrier which prevents full penetration. The obgyn says it's possible. So I'm looking forward to it. Stay strong ladies.
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