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Thank you for having this forum! What a great resource for women like us!

I was diagnosed with uterus didelphys today but I have always strongly suspected that I have two uteruses (uteri? is that the plural?) for similar reasons to everyone else here. Tampons never worked for me which has always been hugely frustrating! I bought a moon cup in my teens to see if that would work - it was hit and miss and one day when i went to remove it I could feel it but couldn't actually touch it which was when I realised that I probably have a vaginal septum too! Thinking back now I bled the first two times I had sex which does make sense now. Thank God for the internet - I kept looking up why tampons wouldn't work and eventually I came across uterus didelphys and suddenly it all made sense! I worried for a lot of my early 20s that I wouldn't be able to have children at all. The issue was getting anyone to take me seriously; I asked about it when I had a smear and the nurse looked at me like I was mad! I even mentioned it to a friend who is a doctor who basically told me that it was so rare that I wouldn't have it and not to self diagnose using the internet. I eventually pushed for an ultrasound with my doctor and was so relieved when it was finally picked up! The lady scanning me hadn't ever seen it before and kept saying "You have two wombs" and I said "Yes, I know" and she'd say "Not bicornuate, literally two completely separate wombs" and I was like, "Yes, I know!". She couldn't answer any of the questions I was asking about the details of things and she ended up saying that I know more about it than her! I'll be referred for an MRI to check for two cervixes (which I'm sure I have) and whether I have two kidneys or one. Luckily I've never had any issues with sex and no partners have ever noticed anything unusual which is good!

Obviously being able to have children of my own one day is something I have always been concerned about as it would be terrible for me to not to be able to but everyone's stories on here of being able to conceive and give birth to healthy babies is very reassuring! So hopefully it's something not to worry about until it happens and I suppose knowing and having an official diagnosis means that I can at least plan in some extra time for potential difficulties and hopefully get the right medical support and advice along the way!

Thanks for the forum. How nice that we can chat to other people who understand what we have to deal with, share our stories and support each other!

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Wellcome to the "club", now that it is official :D.

I myself also sometimes felt like there were to sides to my vagina but contray to you I somehow managed to ignore it. Especially as I in my early 20s went several times to a gynocologyst for control of a cyst, and as he never said anything I tried to convince myself that it was nothing. It seems not to be that easy to detect it in a normal examination, evidently. I guess one does just not suspect it. When I went to the gynocologist to get help with my PCOS to be able to become pregnant she just happend to get one finger on either side. All reproductive malformations taken together are as I understand it not so uncomon. But it's not like you can screen the whole population to get a scientific prevalence and most people with them probably never find out as they never experience any problems with it.

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