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I'm happy to find that this site exists. I'm 22 years old, I found out I have uterus didelphys in august when I went to the gyno, I had asked the doctor about it and immediatelty regretted it when she started asking me if I wasn't just sticking one finger in my anus and another in my vagina. I was so offended in that moment, in my head I'm saying this doctor literally thinks I'm an idiot and knows nothing about basic structures of anatomy, until her jaw drops and was like "ya, you're right."  First thing I thought was that there's something wrong with me, will I really be able to have children, wow I'm actually thinking about having children, I shouldn't have to worry about that now, none of my friends my age are already thinking about the complications or even if they will be able to have children, but I do, didn't even know if I wanted to have kids -these thoughts really make me depressed I havent brought myself to find out more i.e. ct scan, ultrasound ect.  I haven't told my family yet, don't really know how. I did tell my roommates and they laughed, it feels humilating.  I actually didnt really discover this on my own, my boyfriend did when we we're having intercourse he kept telling me how "different" it felt and he was right. It makes me wish I knew more about my own body.  Now I'm working on feeling more secure about my body and I find writting this post cathartic and reading other people's experiences inspiring. thank you

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I totaly get what you write, getting the UD diagnosis confirmed does raise many new questions both medical and emotional. But don't panic. Many of us have children without any problems at all. And you don't have to rush to have lots of examinations and tests. In my country the gyno always does vaginal ultrasound and in my case it was easy to identify the two uteri. If it's hard to se they sometimes have to do another scan. I think it is good to confirm exactly what kind of malformation you have as it influences the problems it COULD give in the future.

My family keep asking me if we've started to plan a family but I too couldn't bring myself to tell them - it feels so personal. We have been trying for 1,5 years unsucessfully (it is not because of UD though). I mean it's not like one goes around talking about ones vaginas and reproductive organs in a normal conversation. I have told my closest friends though, and there I found that it feels less stigmatising to start with saying that I have a double uteri rather than stressing the fact that I have a vaginal septum. I myself felt incredulous when I got it confirmed so no wonder other people who've never heard about it will react to the fact. But I'm sure your friends will come around and will give you support further on.

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