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hey I'm Kim and I was only diagnosed yesterday I was told I have a septum and I am now waiting on an ultrasound to determine if it's UD I haven't been able to stop crying and gave missed college and work because of this I don't know whether to tell them or not because they may kick me off the course, I'm so scared and have called gynaecology departments at my local hospital who tell me they haven't even heard of UD im terrified! I also read that I may only have 1 kidney due to the womb and kidney developing at the same time and kidney abnormalities no one around here knows what this is and ive never felt more scared or more alone in my Life, please help please! I can't stop crying!

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Hey Kim, you're not alone, I found out a month ago . I have the same thing. If you need someone to talk talk to add me on Facebook Aya Hamayel. I know it was very hard for me when I found out.
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Don't worry! It can be a chock to find out and realise you're not normal, but it's really no big deal for most of us. First and foremost it raises a lot of questions, and not all information on the internet is aplicable to everyone. Try to relax, don't read too much on the internet - ask us here instead as we have gathered a lot of experiences about this.

You're not alone and it's nothing to be ashamed of! If the first doctors don't have the answer to all the questions they will refer you to someone who has, that's how it was for me. You might need patience however. 

Do you have someone in your vicinity that you could talk to about it? It might be hard to bring it up - I myself have only told my two closest friends and none of my family as I don't feel so close with them. It's REALLY nice though to have someone to talk to and support you until you land on your feet. 

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