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Hello, I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced or knows anything about a similar situation. I have UD diagnosed at 16 yo with 2 complete of everything. I'm 31 now and have had 2 children with no issues conceiving, both on the right side. A few years ago I started to spot and felt my hormones were a little out of whack. They did a CT and said I had a solid mass in my right ovary and sent me to the cancer center here in KC. They removed my ovary and found only a mass of endometrosis in it. So, because they removed my right ovary, it's basically left me sterile. I got very depressed about this afterwards but I got past it and put it out of my mind (until recently). I was told my left ovary is perfectly functional but the uteri is too small, I do still have my right uteri. So I'm wondering... could it be possible to transfer an egg from the left, to the right side? Or possible even to conceive somehow on the left? I know some women are capable of conceiving in both, and I've read about certain medications or hormones that can increase the size of the smaller uteri. I haven't had to use protection for years because I have never conceived in the left side and have been told it doesn't work (never had a mc either that I know of). My left vaginal canal is normal size, I can have sex in both comfortably. So I'm unsure how, if the canal is big enough and the ovary works, how is it that I would never get pregnant on that side? I sound silly, I know... I guess I had just kind of given up hope of ever having another, but lately it's been weighing on my mind a lot. My daughters are from a previous marraige and I have since remarried, so it kills me to know they made me sterile for no reason. It makes me sad to think I'll never have a child with my husband. I do count my blessings and I know for sure I am truly blessed to have my daughters and that it was only endo and nothing worse!! I'm just curious because there isn't any guidebook or anywhere I can turn to for information. So if anyone has experienced any transfer or non dominant success or might have any recommendations I'd be grateful! And I'll be honest, I haven't asked a doctor yet, I don't trust many OBs because of some of my past experiences with people who have no knowledge of or experience with UD. So I'd like to do my own research as a first stepping stone so I'm not going in blindly and just trusting their word without fore knowledge as I have in the past. (And for anyone else a second opinion is always worth it with our conditions, it almost cost me mine and my youngest daughters life!!!!) Thank you all for your help! :) -June
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I would think IVF would work. I think that will be the best solution. I would go to a fertility doctor and ask :) good luck
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Hi. Our conditions do raise many questions and it is often times frustrating when our doctors don't seem to know enough about our condition and also the fact that in many cases there is no way knowing how things will turn out or what is the exact cause in our single case. 

First some basic physiology: An egg usually gets caught up by the tuba on the same side as it is closer, but it is entirely possible for it conicidentally going into the other one.

Technically it should be possible to concieve in the smaller uterus (if you do not also have a blockage in the fallopian tube or cervix), but if it is not able to stretch out as much I imagine it could increase the risk of misscariage. It could be that you would "misscarry" even before a pregnancy could be detected. I have never heard of any medication that could increase the uterus size - could you be mixing it up with hormones to stimulate ovulation which can also help build up the endometrium (the inner mucosal lining of the uterus)?

If one of your ovaries are fully functional you are not sterile and evidently you have one uterus which has worked fine in earlier pregnancies. As Leanna sais if you want another child you should look for an IVF-clinic. I myself will finnaly start our IVF-treatment in two weeks. It works by first stimulating maturation of several eggs in the ovaries with several hormones and then with a needle they are sucked out of one of the ovaries. In a petri dish they get fertilized by your partners sperm and after a couple of days one embryo is reinserted into your uterus. They told me that they'd make an assessment when the time comes because of my special anatomy from which ovary to extract the eggs and in which uterus they'd put it back - so that would be perfect in your case too. My uteri are the same size but I think I'd prefer the right side as my left side of the vagina is quite narrow.

I whish you all the best!

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