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It was because of irregular period that caused me to seek an OB-GYNE. Irregular periods are no big deal to me because when Im irreg, sometimes I have 4-months to 2-month skip, I know it will eventually go back to a monthly normal regular period. But this time, I have a consecutive irregular period. And now its been 4 months, Im still waiting for my period. Aside from it, I experienced dull ache in my pelvic area and I have a frequent urination. I googled the symptoms, then the results were maybe I have an ovarian cyst, pcos or uti. So, two days ago I decided to seek help to an OB-GYNE.. When I was having an ultrasound, the doc said my ovaries are in normal sizes but It was found out I have two uterus and two cervix. And I was like, is that normal? I dont even know what a uterus was until I have UD. So, I am scheduled for another ultrasound and also check the results of my urinalysis. Anyway, thank you to the one who made this site. To the ladies, let's just pray, God owns our life, He is the one who's in control of everything. He know we can handle this. Stay positive! May God bless us!
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Okay, so I am 14 and I was recently diagnosed with UD as well. Of everything that I have read, however, nobody has it quite like me. My period lasts 40 days. Not the cycle- the bleeding. So that part sucks, but on top of it, it's super heavy. On avg, I go through 3 supers and a maxi pad in an hour. My question is, can I do anything about it besides b.c. Pills? I'm 14 and Catholic so that's out of the question. Also, what are the odds of becoming pregnant? I have always dreamed of having 5+ kids, and so I was devastated when I heard it was difficult to conceive. Thank you all for the help! God bless!

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Welcome to both of you! It can be quite a chock to find out you anatomy is "special", but after a while you come to terms with it. It sure makes things more complicated and at times it can be confusing and frustrating as there is a lot of contradictory information out there, from the internet and health care providers.  

As for trouble with the period many of us can tell a tale, some of bad pains, some of heavy bleeding and some of irregular periods. You however have to keep in mind that these are common problems also in our fellow sisters without uterus anomalies. Me for example have UD but also PCOS which gives irregularity/absence of menstruation/ovulation. In the single case it is impossible to know if your problems are because of UD or not. Curiously enough I have however heard of some of us that first have their period in one uterus, and then the other one - maybe that could explain your long bleeding Catterina.


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Catterina now to your questions. 

I do think you should see a gynocologist. It is not uncommon with heavy bleeding among all girls and there are a lot of different treatment alternatives. Also you should be checked so you do not develop anemia because of irondeficiency. As for treatment there eg are pills that can decrease the amount of bleeding that target coagulation and platelets eg tranexamic acid or NSAIDs. Concerning "contraceptives" you shouldn't count them out completely. The substances in "contraceptives" are not exclusivley used for contraception but occur in treatments for various conditions such as negative effects of menopause, PCOS, endometriosis and fertility treatment. The contraceptive action that some of them have then merely counts as a side effect. There are no major negative longterm effects of them even if you take them from young age and for decades after that. Another option for you could be a progesterone injection which can drastically decrease your periods if the first methods don't work, which is practical as you take it approx. every 3 months and don't have to remember takeing pills daily.


And don't start worrying about kids just yet. Many of us never experience any fertility problems at all. Generally (from what I gather from scientific papers, even though some claim otherwise) UD does not generally decrease the possibility of conceiving. If you have a vaginal septum it can however take more tries as you might just have intercouse on "the opposite site" of where the egg happens to go. The complications with UD however are rather that the baby could be delivered a few weeks early or lie in breech. That is said to be because the uterus of the baby might not stretch as much as normal uteri, as each of the divided uteri are smaller than a regular one. Miscarriage can happen, but is not overly common. And again, it is estimated that 12-28% of ALL couples sometime in their relation experience involuntary childlessness and that has nothing to do with UD. 

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