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Hello Everyone, It's nice to see support for something that no one really prepares you for in life! I have uterine didelphis, and only one vagina and normal kidneys, that was diagnosed around the age of 23ish. That situation was a little horrifying, because the Dr was terrible. Other Dr's try to be supportive, but typically just make me feel uncomfortable with their behavior of showing me the picture of the condition in a book, minutes before my pap. Double periods, check. Double cramps, check. Double temper, check. Double paps, the unfortunate check. I have been a construction worker for my entire adult life, and I have found it difficult to adjust with each job; however, not being shy about confiding in a trusted supervisor or leader about my circumstance makes worlds of difference. I find difficulty in calling it a condition, like epilepsy or diabetes, as it's always been a part of my life and seems perfectly normal by my standards. Uni-uteruses seem like a condition to me! My husband and I like to joke about it, like I'm my own twin, or there's more things in there then should be, so you'll never know what you'll run across..keys, a remote control, a left sock.. You just never know. It's also fun to not tell the ultra sound people before they start a scan. I do have a 4 year old, who was carried to full term and delivered by cesarian. My OB Dr was the only Dr I ever used who had heard of my phenomenon and also had several patients with almost identical physical anomalies. He thought the number of instances in the area was due to a medication that was given to mothers around the time of my birth, but I didn't feel like it was important to know that at the time. Anyway, my child clung to my left rib, while little monkey toes gripped the inside and outside of my left ribcage for what seemed like 6 of the 9 months. I can still feel them to this day. My body didn't really recover the way I'd hoped, after the pregnancy, as I spent the majority of it on bed rest, and carrying predominantly in one side didn't help my back in the long term any. I'd do it again, though, but maybe only once more. I'm glad there's this outlet, particularly for the younger women that, like myself, who may be coming to terms with new or ongoing things associated with all the joys of what my sister in law calls, "funky plumbing". I also think it's good for the women older than myself to pass down the things they've learned about these bodily developments and what age and time does with them. It's much better than the gynecologist picture book hour.
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