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Hi all ... I'm a 54 yr old post menopausal UD+ ... who recently found out about the "+." A little history: I've know about my UD since I was 19 ... Had a bleeding emergency from "the other side" one night while with my boyfriend ... It's ok ... He's my husband now (34 years tomorrow!!). I've had 3 pregnancies (all in the larger, right uterus) resulting in 3 children born via C-sections. My first pregnancy was scary at the end ... my OB was afraid my uterus was going to rupture, so I delivered 4 weeks early. Other two pregnancies went to 39 and 40 weeks with no problems! The recent history: I finally hit menopause in November 2013 ... in December 2014, I started bleeding! My gynecologist got me in the next day ... a sono showed endometrial polyps ...had a double (of course) biopsy done to be sure nothing funny was going on ... and a D&C was scheduled to remove the polyps. While doing the D&C, my gyn discovered that both my left and right uterus each have 2 uterine horns ... She drew it out to explain to my husband while I was in recovery ... Each uterus kind of looks like an open-bottomed heart ... So technically she said I have 4 uteri!! My UD turned to Q(quad)UD in an instant!! Recovered from the shock and the procedure only to have 2 more rounds of post-menopausal bleeding ... once in 2015 and in June 2016 ... but no signs of polyps this time. The present situation: My gyn and I decided it is time for a hysterectomy!! Yay!! Because of the bleeding and because my mom had ovarian cancer. I don't need to wait around for THAT to happen! Sooo ... I'm scheduled for a daVinci robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy on October 13!! I'm looking forward to losing the extra parts, but a bit worried about it all. My gyn has asked our local daVinci expert to do my surgery, with my gyn in there also. Have any of you had the daVinci procedure done? Can they really do it that way and not need to do an old fashioned open abdominal type surgery? Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated ... Give it to me straight ... The good and the not so good, if there is any!! Thank you!! Vickie
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Hi, Vickie! I haven't had a hysterectomy so I don't have anything useful to say. But, I wanted to comment and say good luck tomorrow!!! I'll be thinking of you. 

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