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My name is Connie, I am a 47 year old mom of one amazing 13 year old girl.  I was diagnosed with my "plurality" when I was in my 20's.   My regular GP never saw anything abnormal until I had a pap and was recalled for a second.  Then for a third because the results of the two tests were so different.  Abnormal cells in the first, nothing in the second.   I went to the gynecologist who, after some ``uh huh``, `hmmmm`, asked the question ``did you know you have two cervix`?"  I thought he was joking and asked how many I was supposed to have.  

That was the beginning of my journey.    In the next few years I also discovered that I had two complete reproductive organ sets, one vagnia but from there on in, two of everything.  I had a 2/3 septum which was removed when my daughter was born.  To make all this more painful to accept, I also found out I had small kidneys, bladder and liver and I also have "two tailbones", my tailbone never fused together after I was born, hence the "two"!

I have two periods almost every month and sometimes, the moods are so bad, I cannot stand myselt.  It was under control somewhat with the birth control, but I had to go off those in my early 40's due to the risk of cancer.  My gynecologist refuses to tie my tubes or give me a hysterectomy, he says it does not pose an immediate risk to my health and deemed it "unnecessary"

I stumbled onto this website while doing more research and I am humbled by some of the stories I have read and actually comforted by the number of ladies who have been afflicted with this, it's nice to know I am not alone and the feelings I have had over the past years have been felt by others. 

Thanks for listening, have a great day


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