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Hi my names Laura, I found I had uterus didelphys when I was 17 and now 23. Apart from having my vaginal septum removed over a year ago I've never had any problems apart from sometimes two periods a month. I have a 35 day cycle but recently the last two periods the pain has been terrible causing me to throw up. Does anyone else experience this and is it normal or should I contact my doctor? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks x
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Hi! I've had excruciating periods since I started at 14. Getting on birth control helped control the pain a lot! Me that I'm TTC, I've been off for 8 months and I am back to terrible pains. I get nauseous, my back stomach and upper legs ache and hurt so bad. I feel puffy and sometimes a bulge in one side of my abdomen. I don't know if each uterus take turns ovulating and menstratingvor what, but my periods are very heavy the first couple days. I've been having 28 day cycles on average but just hit 32 days and started today. 😏 Very sad about it. However, it's still confusing and kind of a tease because some women with UD have their other period while pregnant! Ugh.
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Hi I am three month pregnant and here http://motherhow.com/3-months-pregnant/ i found this: The third month is one of the most important moments during pregnancy. During this time new organs and systems of organs of the fetus are formed; considerable changes are happening in the already established systems and organs. By the 12th, week the fetus already looks like a human being, though the head is still disproportionally big in comparison with the rest of the body, and the already formed limbs are too small. The future baby has well-functioning circulatory and urinary systems.

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