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I feel a little guilty in that I found this forum a source of great comfort when I was diagnosed but I have yet to give back so I figured now is the time.

At 20 weeks pregnant I hit a deer on my bicycle (I live in the country) and ended up in the ER where I had an ultrasound and there was a lot of whispering and I ended up being refered to the women's hospital in Halifax for a further ultrasound 4 weeks later. Up to this point I figured something was up because my uterus was bulging out only only my left side but everyone seemed convinced that this could be totally normal.

The Dr figured out pretty quickly that I had 2 uteri and 2 cervix. My plan for a home birth was out the window and they suggested I stop work and take it really easy for the next 12 weeks or so with the goal of keeping the baby in for as long as possible. This was the beginning of biweekly ultrasounds, extra visits to the OBGYN and a lot of extra stress (is this activity too vigorous?) at a time when they suggest you find a way to limit the stress in your life because it could also cause preterm labour.... 

My whole pregnancy felt like a lot of waiting. Maybe all women feel that because there is always an element of the unknown. There were times I enjoyed being pregnant. It is a crazy amazing miracle but I was also really uncomfortable especially in the evenings when it felt like he was jammed on a diagonal with his feet in my ribs and his head way down in my pelvis. 

I had a lot of support from my midwives and partner and the Dr.s at the hospital. I would suggest searching out people who are the right combination of realistic and positive. Because you know the risks but you are hoping to have a baby anyways and getting advice from people who only see the negative isn't going to help. 

So one day shy of 37 weeks I went into labour and I don't know if this has anything to do with my anatomy but this little charmer showed up after 1 1/2 hours of labour. We just made it to the hospital. He is perfect and I think maybe I would even consider making a sibling for him one of these days. 

I know that it doesn't always work out so smoothly ( I did have a miscarriage at 14 weeks prior to this pregnancy which could have nothing to do with my uteri) but I feel blessed that it did work out. On bad days I would remind myself that 2 uteri are better than none? 

Anyways. Hope this post provides some hope and comfort to other ladies out there. Take care.

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So glad to read your post tonight.. thank you for writing it. I've been trying to learn as much as possible about this condition in a short time and there is so little info, some of which is quite dated (studies being referenced from the 1980's, for ex). Also there seems to be a wide range of successes and not so successes... I'm trying to stay positive so I really appreciate your story and am so glad that things worked out for you. It gives me hope to read that there are good outcomes with this condition.

I was diagnosed with UD last week. My partner and I have been trying to conceive for over a year, got pregnant in January and miscarried last week at 8 weeks. During the ultrasound to confirm the miscarriage they found that I have 2 uteri, 2 cervices, and on examination 2 vaginas (longitudinal septum present). I had a D&C for the miscarriage and my gynaecologist discussed with my partner and I the option of removing the septum for fertility reasons. In my case, the right vagina is the dominant one, and the only one being used for sex.. we didn't even realize the left was there except that if he 'went left' during sex it caused me pain. Due to the septum being present and only the right side being used, the left cervix and uterus were basically not accessible to sperm to reach an egg. Both uteri appear equal on ultrasound and my doctor feels that either uterus would be able to carry a pregnancy. We opted to have the septum removed and it is about a week post procedure. I've been doing a lot of reading about this condition.. it really helps to read everyone's experiences.. 

I see that you were seen in Halifax.. just wondering about your experience there and what specialists you would recommend? We live in the Maritimes also.. I would like to see if pregnancy can happen on it's own in less time now that the septum is gone but I also would like to know everything and anything that might help our chances of conceiving and carrying a baby.. did your regular doctor follow you during your pregnancy or was it IWK docs? If you want to inbox me feel free I would love to hear from you 

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