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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and was recently diagnosed with UD after a slew of period problems. This will be pretty descriptive so i apologize for the TMI in advance.. My main problem right now is this: 1. I'm bleeding what looks like old blood every time I have sex, and it smells bad as well :( 2. I'm spotting probably old blood (brownish red watery discharge) weeks after my period at random times, and it's a large enough amount that I'll need to wear a tampon or pad. Also smells like old blood.. At first my doc thought the smell could be BV but the antibiotic did not work. She also gave me stronger dose of birth control to control the spotting, but that's not working either. My guess is that during my period both uteruses bleed except one isn't as efficient and keeps dripping old blood after the period ends... Anyone else have this problem? If so, was surgery the only option for you to fix this problem? Thanks, I'd love to know.. I'm getting tired of always wearing tampons to make sure i don't bleed :(
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