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4 month pregnanthttp://motherhow.com/4-months-pregnant/ The second trimester (13-16 weeks) of pregnancy has now started. At this time, the doctor appoints a planned ultrasound to examine the development of the fetus. On the ultrasonic screen, you’ll see the little thing moving. But its movements are barely noticeable so far, so you can’t feel them yet. By the end of the 12th week, your uterus will be the size of a man’s fist. And a month later it’ll increase in size and will be as big as a ripe melon. The placenta has developed in compliance with the necessities of the growing fetus for oxygen and nutrition. The umbilical cord is bigger and longer now so that your baby is comfortable in your belly.

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Deepti Bhatia
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4 month pregnancy is one of the critical time of your pregnancy. Lots of woman didn't care about this time and then they have problem for miscarrage. When I was 4 month pregnant, I take the suggestion of http://www.pregnancyweeks.org/4-months-pregnant/ and use during my pregnancy and get positive results.

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