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Hi everyone, I just recently decided to find a group to share positive stories and get information. I found out I had UD 5 years ago at a routine gyno visit. I guess no other doctors had previously discovered it. I remember being so upset after that visit and was crying to my bf. Fast foward to getting married and deciding to try for a baby. I had to use chlomid to ovulate and that took a few rounds and were so happy we got pregnant. But at the same time very worried. I had a typical pregnancy up until the end where my doctor thought maybe my daughter should be a little bigger at this point. So he just said to eat a little extra and drink boost shakes and to come back for another visit a week later. At that visit he saw some things he didnt like and I was sent to the hospital at 31 weeks and 2 days. They kept that belly bad to track her heart rate or whatever it is they track and decided that a c-section would be best instead of just having my lay there. I remained calm and before I knew it we had our little girl! She was in the NICU for a little over 4 weeks and said she can come home soon. But since she was picking up the sucking from a bottle we had to have her stay there another week. I hated her being there but at the same time I knew it was best and the nurses were absolutely wonderful. My daughter is now 17 months old and a feisty little thing. We are so overjoyed! My husband and I would love to have another baby so we are going to go to my high risk doctor to sit down and discuss everything and details on what caused her early arrival. Remember, I never actually went into labor so Im very scared that I will have no indicator next pregnancy on the little ones arrival. I had a sit down discussion a couple days ago at my annual gyno visit with my regular gynocologist and I left extremely bummed out. She wasnt rude or nasty but she was positive, reassuring or upbeat. She made me feel very nervous.... I actually cried during the visit. I know she needs to tell me the harsh truth but there is a way she can go about it and at least offer suggestions and tell me positive things. I went home thinking that I just wont try for a second baby. But a couple days have past and I dont want the meeting with her to ruin anything. I will meet with my high risk doctor and have a game plan. I just read a quote tonight, "faith over fear."  I would love to carry full term next time and hearing so many stories that you guys have is very reassuring. 

I wonder if everyones UD varies and maybe thats why some carry full term and some have premies?? Or its just what it is??

Thanks for letting me share!

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Thanks for sharing, love to hear others with ud going on to having babies :)
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