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Amy M
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I also have a condition called didelphic uterus. ( I have 2 cervix and 2 uterus). One of my questions has to do with didelphic uterus. Since I have to cervix, is it possible that I will still have a period from the other cervix if I conceived from the other one? And will pregnancy tests be accurate due to having more than one cervix? This will my first pregnancy so if anyone can answer any questions regarding didelphic uterus I would appreciate it. Are both sides ovulating at the same ? time? This is confusing to me and I just had an ultrasound to see what I had duplicates of. And sure enough two of everything! My husband and I are both in our thirties and have been TTC since May. Do we have to wait a year to go see the doctor to see what the issue is? In my mind, itÂ?s bettwr to know sooner rather than later. And age is making me worry. Any info is greatly appreciated!!
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