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Gina H
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Has anyone had a twin pregnancy? I am curious as to your symptoms and when you first started feeling the baby move and such.


I go to my first appointment on Monday (I am around 9 weeks) but I swear that I am already feeling the baby move. So I am either 1) further along than I think or 2) having more than 1. We will find out soon enough.

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I'm curious as to what a doctor might choose to do if there were twins in one of the two uteri.  I keep reading about 1 in each, but what if there were 2 in one?  I'm sure there wouldn't be room.  Would a doctor suggest taking one to save the other?  I'd like to have another child, but my husband is afraid because of my condition, plus he's a twin, so I worry about what would happen if I had twins.


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Laura B
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Well keep in mind that the only type of twins that are genetically linked are fraternal. Even then that means two eggs being released AND fertilized at the same time which is your genes. So unless you are a fraternal twin I wouldn't stress about the odds. Both my mom & dad are twins and fraternal at that, so I was terrified  that I would have twins....but I didn't.

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I do realise how old this thread is BUT just wanted to say that I have UD and I have 14 month old twin girls who were in my left Uterus together, so its definitely possible :D

Definitely rare, but possible! 

The girls were born at 26 weeks as they just ran out of room.  I had the best high risk specialist and he only admitted to me after we got the girls home 12 weeks after their birth that he didnt think I would get to a gestation that they would survive so he was so happy for us :)

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Yes, I too have twin girls, same uterus (the smaller of the two). Delivered at 34 weeks,scheduled section. They're happy, healthy almost three year olds now :D YaY for twins!!


"Hope is a waking dream"

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