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Hello! I'm 25 and self-diagnosed UD years ago.  When I finally got a pelvic exam for the first time 4 years ago, my mom and I decided to have surgery to remove my vaginal septum. The surgery got botched because my punk-ass doc "ran out of time" because it was "thicker than she thought" so the septum was only cut on one side and there's still a little flappy thing hanging around in there.


If you can imagine, this makes wearing tampons really difficult. I have always used 2 at the same time, but I got tired of creating so much extra waste. And pads just suck.  I started looking into alternatives, and I decided to try the sea sponge.


Let me tell you, these things are the greatest! I can use one and it effectively plugs both sides because the shape conforms naturally to the vagina. It takes some getting used to, reaching up there and rinsing them off, but it's definitely worth it. All leakage problems can be taken care of with a liner. They can be reused for 3-6 months (so they're waaay cheaper than buying disposable products).  They can be cleaned with baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide (all dirt cheap!).


They can tend to push on the bladder a bit more than regular tampons... but for the first time I actually look forward to my period. I LOVE my sponge, and I don't think I'll ever go back. I got mine from Jade & Pearl and they have a ton of other reasons why sponges are awesome on the site. 


I don't think i can recommend the sea sponge highly enough. Seriously.

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Oh wow I completely agree!  I never had my septum removed (and never will) but the sea sponges are the best best best menstrual product ever.  If you are an environmentalist like myself, you will appreciate the fact that a reusable product pretty much eliminates the insane waste created by disposable tampons.  Also, when you order from Jade & Pearl, they send you two at a time.  Perfect for those of us with a double cervix and a septum! 

Personally, I clean mine with tea tree oil at the end of the week.  But during the week you're using them, Dr. Bronner's soap will clean and refresh them to the point that they almost feel new again.  Just make sure to completely rinse the soap out before reinserting them.  

Good call on posting about this product.  Sometimes I forget that most women use just one tampon.  This is a great alternative for all women, but it seems especially great for women with UD who need two of everything.

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I'm interested in this sponge thing, so I looked at the website. I do have logistical questions about the pearl. How often do you change it? I imagine you would have to do it at home so you can wash it right away. Can you give us some not-too gory details of how it works? 

Also, have you tried any of the tinctures on the Jade and Pearl website? I am interested. 


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