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Hi Ladies! I'll start off by introducing myself, my name is Francesca and I'm 19 years old living in Australia. I have a Uterus Didelphys, complete with 2 ovaries, each leading to 2 separate uteri and 2 cervixes. I also have a vaginal septum that starts at the top of my vagina and goes down about 1/3 of the way. I'm also currently 32 weeks pregnant with my first baby!

I first discovered I was different 'down there' when I got an ultrasound at 13 when I had an ovarian cyst. They told me I had a bicornuate uterus. Being so young I didn't really give it much thought. When I would get my periods I noticed tampons would not work for me as I would just bleed down the other side of my septum. When I turned 17 I decided I wanted to look into it further and had a hysterscope which is when they told me I had 2 completely separate wombs and cervixes. I was initially worried about how it would affect my chances to carry a baby.

After falling pregnant I was told I had an 80% chance of having a breech baby (head up, bum down) and there fore would most likely need a c-section. I was also told that as I have a different shaped uterus and it being smaller than a 'normal' one I would be at a higher risk for premature labour. These things were quite scary to be faced with and I can tell you I was pretty nervous I wouldn't be able to hold a pregnancy. When I got past the 24 week mark I relaxed a tiny bit and now I'm in the 30's I'm feeling pretty good! My baby is head down surprisingly and is growing very well! We are discussing the possibility of a natural birth, however my doctor still strongly believes I'll end up with a c-section anyway, due to my womb not contracting like a normal one would. I've surprised most people at how normal my pregnancy has been. Seeing as this condition is so rare I think we were all just going with the flow and seeing how things would turn out, as we couldn't really predict much!

I would love to answer any questions anyone has and be of help to people who have just been diagnosed and would like any answers. It really isn't that bad having a Didelphys, the only difficult thing for me is the lack of information out there and being able to talk to someone in the same situation as me, which is why I signed up here!

Take care everyone,

Francesca xx

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My name is jess and im also from Australia (Brisbane) I have full double too but my vagina septum went to the entry (this was removed when i was a baby) I also have a syndrome called VACTERL which has effected me and most likely my didelphys was caused by that.  Anyway i have 2 children. I was told i would never have kids due to everything plus multiple surgeries. My first is now 4 and he was head down (amazingly), i ended up having PROM and he was born at 32 weeks with IUGR weighing 2lb 3oz. I then went on to have another bub, she is now 2 and was breech and was born at 28 weeks 2lb 5oz ( i was in labour with her from 24 weeks, held off to 28 but i ended up having full placenta abruption from broken waters). Both labours were full labour (due to the hospital's) to the point were my sons head came part way out and my daughters foot came out, then both pushed back in for an emergency c-section. I did ask both time to just push them out in the end, but they wouldn't let me. I was down for a planned c-section for both. I have also had 3 miscarriages. You are now at a safe point in the pregnancy so it should all be fine from now :D Good luck, feel free to talk when ever. xx Jess

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To Jess: If you don't mind me asking, how did they know that you had a vagina septum to the entry? The docs tell me that my daughter has two uteruses and two cervixes but can't tell me more they said until she reaches puberty. I guess I figure if I can do something about it now then mayber she won't have to worry about it later or have to go through a surgery that she would probably remember, especially as a young girl. Not sure if you can answer but just wondering how it came to be.

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Sara Castro
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Hello, Francesca!

I am in the same boat as you. I have a uterus didelphys--2 separate uteri and cervices. I had a vaginal septum that went down about 1/3 of the way but I had it removed in 2010.

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant. My doctors/midwives all had similar concerns about the baby being breech, preterm labor and placenta abruption. I went in for an ultrasound every 4 weeks to measure the length of my cervix attached the pregnant horn and the size of the baby. So far, my pregnancy has been completely normal and healthy. I kept being told I was "high risk" and wouldn't be able to deliver vaginally and that bothered me. If my baby's head is down, there is no need to decide on a c-section before I go into labor and see how it progresses. I would like to give my body a chance to do its best. I am a strong advocate for natural childbirth and decided to switch from a group of midwives at my local hospital to a group of midwives at a birthing center. They've had a few women with uterus didelphys give birth vaginally at the birthing center with no complications. I am hoping to do the same. 

I'd love to know more about your prenatal care. I've been so interested in what precautions are taken other women with my same condition.

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Thank you all for your stories. Just knowing I can have kids is hopeful.
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