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Has anyone had endometriosis issues?

A number of years ago I went to my regular checkup and the doctor wanted to put me on the pill (single, college-aged girl). I wasn't really interested. I mentioned to him that I have an achy feeling in my right hip that is worse during my period. He said, oh, it could be endometriosis and birth control will help you. I kinda felt like he was just scaring me into getting on the pill. I did get on it for a while, but then had no insurance and haven't been on it since then.

Fast forward 10 years. That ache has never really gone away, and I mention it from time to time and no one really is interested. Well, the past two month, the ache has been really bad during my period and this month it hasn't gone away. When I get in the passengar seat of the car, lifting my right leg into the car hurts the hip. It's achy all around the hip. So the endometrisos thing popped back into my mind.

I probably should go to the doctor, but I have a hard time going. It's not cheap and its hard to get their attention. I mean, you may be the only one in the room with them, but it often feels like they are far away and the things you say don't register.

So, I thought I'd ask on here if anyone has endo experience with their UD. BTW, I have had 2 miscarriages. :(

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Yes I have extensive endo and that is the route of the pain and NOT the UD itself really.  Endo affects so many women it wouldn't come as a shock that many of us with UD also suffer from endo.  It's very easy for doctors to dismiss pains as being due to the UD when actually there are other reasons.  I'd go and get yourself checked out properly

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I had painful periods my entire life and blamed my UD . I recently decided to see if I had endo andhad the surgery. My periods are 100 percent different! IT IS CRAZY! Struggling with infertiltiy though.

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