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Hi everyone!!

Thought I would check in and give an update, since the last time I posted was a week after my surgery.

Quick Facts: Early last year found out I had UD; two cervices, two uterus', complete vaginal septum. My tampons always leaked and sex was always painful. Had surgery to remove my vaginal septum in April of 2012. And here I am!

So the healing process after surgery was easy peasy. Tiny bit of bleeding, a little bit of cramping. Worst pain I could complain about was my throat from the intubation during surgery. I was back to normal in 5 days, tops. Wasn't allowed to have sex or use tampons for the six weeks following surgery, so I was most nervous to try those out.

After the six weeks were up I was actually EXCITED to get my period so I could see if a tampon would work... AND IT DID! No leaks, no pain, and didn't have to put it in on an angle. I was so happy, I actually cried. For the first time in my life, I was experiencing a "normal" period. The kind all my friends got to have all these years. I went to the beach, and spent all day in my swimsuit, getting in and out of the water with no worries at all! It was fantastic.

Next, was sex. Which I was actually terrified for. What if something that was neatly stitched up, tore open? What if I started bleeding everywhere? What if sex was still painful? What if the septum somehow grew back together!? Well all of these worries were put to rest when I had the best sex of my life... NO PAIN WHATSOEVER. YAHOO!

Since my surgery I've had stress free periods and pain free sex. Which were my reasons for having the surgery in the first place, so I'd say that's a huge success!

Hope this was informative and helpful!


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I'm so happy for you 😍😍😍😍😍! I'm having mine removed also! I was experiencing a lot of pain during sex.
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Please let me know where you had the surgery done.
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