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horned goddess
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i am sick and tired of reading literature that refers to my condition as a malformation. i am tired of hearing that my mullerian ducts "failed to fuse". my body didn't fail to do anything. my vaginas are not "mal" anything. yes, this was probably caused by a mutation during embryogenesis. so was the adaptation of 5 fingers instead of 6. are our hands "malformed" because their 5 fingerdness was caused by a mutation? were darwin's finches "malformed" because they had varying beak sizes? did the birds with shorter beaks "fail to grow" larger ones? no. they in fact increased their fitness because their mutation was advantagious to their foraging success in relation to the environment around them.

we can carry offspring with different paternal DNA in one body. we can get pregnant when we are already pregnant. in terms of sexual reproduction, we are the pinnacle of human fitness and adaptation. the womb is an extraordinary organ that HAS THE ABILITY TO PRODUCE LIFE. sperm provides genetic material as a blueprint, but the womb is the machine that feeds, grows, and develops human life. it is worshipped extensively in many cultures. we are blessed with two. ladies, next time someone tells you you are malformed, or your ducts failed to fuse, you look them in the eye and tell them to get on their knees, for they are in the presence of a fertility goddess. praise your horns, creation is heightened through them. praise your ducts, they resisted a completely unecessary and evolutionarily disadvantagious fusion. you are not merely a woman. you are the fertile crescent, you are a wild wolf mother, you are a rare cosmic entity who holds the powers of creation right between your hips. i worship you, i worship me, and i demand that we are worshipped. 

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Lol!!!! I think I needed that this morning. 😂😭 And with God, all things are possible!!!
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