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Hey guys, I recently learned about my condition and I realized that my vaginal septum is probably the reason why my sex life has never been as great as i'd heard sex was supposed to be. I'm able to have pain free sex in my left vaginal canal, but I've never really acheived a vaginal orgasm during sex, only a clirtoal one. I've read online that sometimes the septum can actually block the g-spot. Does anyone know anything about this? Or whether or not getting the septum removed will allow me to acheive a normal orgasm? Thanks!

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I, too, have the same thing. Sex was very painful at first, and then when I found out about my "condition" I finally realized why it was so painful. I got the septum removed from the opening up to the cervixes. I still have not orgasmed from vaginal intercourse, only from clitoral. I don't know if other women have this problem as well, but I am just glad it didn't hurt anymore. I can't tell you for sure if getting your septum removed would help you achieve an orgasm from vaginal intercourse, but in my personal situation, it dd nothing besides make intercourse pain-free. Good Luck!

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I am in the same boat. I'm set for surgery in two days to have a hysterectomy and my septum removed too (yes, I had a baby) but I'm unsure about having the septum removed. Any suggestions?

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Most women cannot climax from vaginal intercourse alone. Your clitoral tissues are mainly what causes orgasm. They consist of more than just the external clitoris: there are internal tissues that extend around the vaginal canal. The g-spot is still a bit of a mystery. Some women will experience orgasm by "g-spot" stimulation, which may or may not involve ejaculation (a flow of clear liquid - not urine) upon orgasm. It also probably has something to do with those internal clitoral tissues. 

Most women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, so if you need to use your hands, your partner's hands or a vibrator to have an orgasm during vaginal penetration that is perfectly normal. Occasionally, if the angle, speed, rhythm, etc is just right you may experience a vaginal orgasm, but don't stress if you don't. 

I didn't have pain during sex before I had my septum removed and never had problems orgasming (with clitoral stimulation). I may have some enhanced sensation since I had my surgery but it might also also be that I am more experienced and have a different partner, too. Maybe it improved access to the internal clitoral tissues; I'm not sure, but I have no complaints. The surgery to remove the septum was minor and recovery was easy. I'm pleased with the results. It might be worth a try, but don't expect that you will (or should) start having vaginal, penetration-only orgasms once the septum is removed.

In short, a clitoral orgasm is a normal orgasm. A vaginal orgasm is a bonus. Do what feels good and enjoy it!

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I ran out of time for editing... 

Want to add that I have had vaginal orgasms since my septum removal, but again, this possibly is also because of my current partner, speed/angle and other contributing factors. Given that th surgery has other benefits, including being able to use internal menstrual products (I use a Diva Cup) and not worrying about tearing the septum during delivery (if I decide to have a baby), I'd recommend the procedure if your doctor thinks it's a good idea, of course.

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You can 'feel' where the spot is... about 2 inches in and up. It feels different, like a patch of gathered flesh usually just above the pelvic bone. It's tricky to come just from stimulating that alone, but easy for both internal and external simultaneously. Though that's easier to achieve if you're in control. I had to feel mine out and found I have half of my spot in one vaginal canal and half in the other. I've only had trouble reaching the O during a depressed spell, otherwise I think I'm overly sensitive :/ sorry if that's tmi!
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