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Was in the shower, and, while doing some poking around to insert my diva cup, realized that I had two openings! I've studied female anatomy, and knew this wasn't covered by your average textbook, so I did some web surfing and realized what I had. I'm not scared, slightly exited I guess, but I don't plan on visiting a doctor or informing my mom, since I've never had a problem with extremely painful periods, and I rarely if ever have cramps. I just wanted to ask around and see if anyone else could give me any advice, or if anyone thought I should see a doctor. I am completely against seeing a gynecologist, as I don't want any sort of invasive exam, or any exam for that matter. I could use some reassurance, however, as I have a boatload of questions right now. I would also like to know if anyone else has refrained from seeing a doctor, and if they were happy with their descision. 

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i just found outt a few days ago that i have this condition i knew for a while that i had 2 holes but i didnt really look into it till i got a very sharp lasting pain in my abdoman during sex  with my husband im 22 i had lots of test and no docyor could figure it out i went to a gyno which was very hard for me my husband is the only one who has seen me down there  but im glad i did before i got pregnaye it turns out that the DU was the reason for my pain during sex  i would say that gtting it looked at before intercourse would be a good idea

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