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Hi everyone,

I'm pregnant with my first child, in my right uterus.  I used to have a vaginal septum in the upper half of my vagina but had it removed some years ago.

I gather through the reading I've done that a c section is more likely with our condition because of issues like increased likelihood of breech position and concern about uterine rupture.

If you have had children would you mind sharing if you have a natural birth or c section, and if c section, the reason the doctor said it was necessary?

Thank you all in advance!


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I know this is way past the post date, but incase anyone else could benefit from the info... I had 2 children. Both in the right uteri which was said to be a bit smaller than a normal one (left is even smaller!). I had csections with both. First was carried to 37 weeks and I went in for a check up and was dilating but not contracting, she was breech. The second I had at 32 weeks (debatable, they pushed back my due date a month even though we found out early on so idk how that works??) But with the second I was having contractions and they gave me meds to stop it but that only worked for a day or 2, then they found I had no water in there and I had another csection. I was told that breech is common with UD mostly due to the fact that we often can only carry from 28-36 weeks due to smaller uteri size and the baby not being prepared to 'drop' yet. I'm sure some want to avoid csection, but it really wasn't very bad at all and I was recovered before I knew it. Not that it didn't hurt, but I was so preoccupied with my new baby to think of it much!
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