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Hello, my name is Olivia, I am 23 years old from Canada. I married my high school sweetheart in 2010, and we have been TTC for 9 months now. My story is long so I apologize but I have felt so alone for so long I need to get it off my chest. I am so thankful there is site like this.

When I was 14 I got my first period and I went through what felt like hell for a few months, getting my period for weeks at a time then a week break and then a few more weeks. It was always extremely heavy and just a tampon and pad wouldnt do and I had to change almost every hour. My doctor was concerned since I was so small (I am only now barely 5'4) and have always been slim and very into athletics, that I may have an internal bleeding disorder but all tests came back negative. So I was put on the Pill.

I remained a virgin until I married in the summer of 2010 so no other partners to tell me if I was weird or something was wrong because my husband had waited till marriage therefore he had nothing to compare either. I am very grateful to this day for making that choice and that he did as well because he loves me so much and doesnt care, and to him I am perfect and I have read so many horror stories on the web of cruel and unkind things said to some women from partners. I just dont think I could have emotionally handled it.

A few months before we got engaged I had my first bad cyst, I ended up in the hospital and I have ultrasound that was painful and inconclusive and an internal exam ( not finding the 2 vagina!) and was sent for a laporoscopy and apendectimy and no one saw anything. My appendix was obviously fine and I healed and was sent of my way. The cysts now had happened every 6-9 months following that, which resulted in a run to the emergency, and morphine and home to rest. 

Fast forward 2.5 years and my husband was coming close to finishing university and I had waited the past couple years to start trying, all I have ever wanted since I was a little girl was to be a mom. I went off the pill and I got an app for my phone to calculate my ovulation, but every month was a different length of cycle making it frustrating and hard to tell when I was ovulating. My last ultrasound ( the result of having yet another cyst) indicated what my doctor thought was a slight septate in my uterus, nothing major just made it "heart shaped":mad: 

My husbands family has a history of infertility and so we had been worried about him and not about myself, we were told to come back in if after 6 months of trying and get him tested and at that point I had not had my period in almost 50 days ( my cycles had be 30 dyas the 23 the 41 then 30 then 40...etc.) and he said it was nothing to worry about even tho I asked to see a OBGYN, he said it wasnt cause enough. So I went the next day to a walk-in-clinic and told the doc I hadnt got my period and who I wanted to see and he booked me in for a month later.Then my husbands tests came back saying he was 100% and a week later I had another cyst burst and so began the most crazy month of my life.

I went to the emerge as routine ( they asked I do everytime because it was a similar feeling to filopian tube bursting or a gastro-intestinal burst) they put me in a room to descirbe my pain and then wanted to do an internal exam and my life struggles all came to understanding in one moment. The doctors eyes grew big as he asked me the worst question I think I have ever been asked "Did you know you have a Septated Vagina? It was a mix of shock and the missing puzzle piece falling into place all at once. My husband and I had suspected something during intercourse but we brushed it off cause it seemed too crazy. 

The doc then looked at my chart and asked have you been told about your uteran septate, which I responded with I was told it was nothing major, and he said well if your trying to concieve it is a very big deal. They sent me for an ultra sound a few days later, which as always was inconclusive and they did a vaginal ultrasound and said it looked as though it could be a full spetate but I would have to talk to my OB which was still two weeks away.

In the meantime I researched like crazy and it seemed like I have a complete septate and vaginal septate, on top of that I had all but 1 symptom of Poly-cystic-ovarian-syndrome. The reason I had such painful cycsts bursting and in turn meant I was probably not ovulating, therefore no pregnancy. 

The day finally came. I had researched, I was confident in my diagonisis and what the doctor would do. prescribe surgery for the septate and then put me on pergesterone to make me bleed and clomid to make me ovulate. Which is exactly what he said until he said he wanted to do an internal exam.

as I lay there, as i have many times in my life, he told me the scariest thing I had ever heard yet. "You have a second cervix." Tears began to stream down my face. I knew what it meant and he proceeded to tell me, my husband and my mom ( who came to support me) that I had two of everything. Two Vagina canals, seperated by a spetum, two cervixs and as a result two uterine. It was a rush of emotion, on the one hand I was so glad that I didnt have the complete septate which would have been a bigger problem for concieving and required surgery I would have in two months, but on the other hand I had two of everything!! How would I give birth natrually? could I? Could I wear 2 tampons? Oh and there was still my PCOS on top, which in better terms is Insulin Resistance, the same thing as ppl with type 2 Diabetes. I wasnt ovulating, maybe never have, and I know had two of everything. I would have to have sex on the correct side I was ovulating on, that is if I can ovulate. 

Everything now makes sense, why my periods were heavy, why I had to wear jumbo tampon and pads and still had to change every few hours... the pain of cycsts, the inconclusive ultrasounds...

So here I am now, taking prometrium to start my period, I am 82 days without one, a drug called Metformin to correct my insulin resistance so that my body can ovulate and awaiting an appointment for a specialist who deals with adult and new borns with sexual system birthdefects and an MRI.

All I wanted was to have a baby, but as it is, my journey will be a little different then most women. I have sad days and days where I don't think about it much.  So for now Im just trying to cope and praying for a miracle.

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