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Hi Everyone -

I am really thrilled to find this site. I was diagnosed with UD, one kidney, two cervices and one vagina when I was 15. I have had 2 surgeries related to my UD and had my gallbladder removed due to a misdiagnosis.

I was wondering what are other peoples' experiences with UD and Endo? The last 3 weeks I have had severe side pain, back pain and leg pain on my right side. I have suffered intermittently over the last 14 years with right side pain that can be attributed to my uterus but not like this onset of pain. I have had 2 ultrasounds that found one hemorragic cyst and then the next week it had resolved and there was a new cyst. I was transferred to a specialist who suggested I have might have endometriosis, so I am scheduled for a laproscopy tomorrow. I just find it strange that all of the sudden the endometriosis flared up. Has anyone been fine and then all of a sudden experiencing the worst pain ever that is relentless?

I am looking for some personal stories that I can relate to so I don't feel so crazy. :)

Thanks in advance


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How did your surgery go?

Welcome to the board :)


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Well I don't have endometriosis but they removed scar tissue and adhesions. It's been a week ago and I am still in a lot of pain. I am just wondering when the pain will go away..


Also, I passed out and broke my nose the night of the surgery so it's been a rough go.. lol

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