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I was told I had uterus didelphys when I was 20 years old during my first pregnancy...I have 2 uteruses and had a vaginal septum (which i've had removed) but ony one cervix. That pregnancy was in the left uterus, and had no problems with it apart from  delivering early and having a caesarean because my son was breech. However, sadly 2 months ago I had a second pregnancy, an ectopic in the left tube which resulted in havng it removed and losing the baby.

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Reply Cat
1:03 AM on November 15, 2009 
Have sent you a message :)
Love xx
Reply Nell
1:37 PM on May 21, 2009 
You may have, I can go through the list of procedures/investigations I have had if you want. When I was 14-16 weeks pregnant this time my consultant did an internal scan and noticed my left cervix was incredibly small and didn't even see it at first but because I have had a hystosalpingagram (sorry if not spelt correctly), hysteroscopy and laparoscopy they knew I had 2 of everything. Can go through what those procedures are if you want (haven't here as I don't know how squemish or not you are :-)). No my daugther was conceived in my left the only thing wasn't able to have her naturally and due to the shape of my uterus (heart shaped) she was breech anyway and as my uterus is small they wouldn't entertain turning her. Am I right in presuming the HSG you refer to is the histosalpingagram? I had one and have the records here with me.

Do I feel angry about this condition? Erm, yes I was when I first found out I was very angry and felt like a freak and wanted just to be like other women with one uterus and normal anatomy but I have learned to live with it and as I have gotten older I have discovered that there are actually more women in the world that have more trouble with pregnancy with one uterus than I have with 2! There is no such thing as normal everyone is different. Don't look upon it as a burden but as a challenge to show the medical profession that they are not gods and that you are capable of conceiving even with your anatomy. The word abnormal is so wrong and should not be used, we are just slightly different, special as it is a rather rare condition :-).

Doctors can't be sure of anything as they are not dealing with a machine made by man but a human with billions of organisms half of which they know nothing about. Cancer has been around for how long and they haven't found a cure. Science is about learning all the time the day they know everything there will be no reason for us all to be here.

I hope I don't sound like a nutcase LOL just trying to explain how I have come to terms with it. One thing I find quite amusing is that as soon as you tell someone at the hospital about your condition they are around you like flies especially the students, ooh I haven't heard of this before and the questions are endless, makes you feel quite important...

Here if and when you need me and will honestly answer anything you ask me, don't be afraid to ask because the more we learn about it the better we feel...
Reply Nell
3:20 PM on May 20, 2009 
Glad to be of help :-) Yes I have two cervices my left is very small and hardly noticeable so wouldn't be able to give birth naturally should I be pregnant in the left side again but my right one is of normal size.
Keep your chin up you were able to get pregnant which is a start and you have one healthy baby so you are capable it will happen again you just need to be a little more patient than others thats all. They say for every child that is lost one is born so if probability works the next time you get pregnant it will be successful. Well that is the way I look at it. Since I was about 16 and suffering from very heavy periods and incredibly painful ones, knocking me off my feet for a day or two, doctors told me I couldn't get pregnant so the fact that I have been pregnant 6 times proves they are not always right. My obstetrician who looked after me and delivered my daugther (pregnancy no. 2) told me obstectrics is not an exact science nature controls it and we can't mess with nature you just have to go along with it.

I don't mind answering any questions no matter how personal they are as long as they help you come to terms with things... I lost a baby at 20 weeks, Jack and it was the worst experience of my life but life goes on, there is not a day I don't think about him a week I don't cry cos I miss him but I know that it is how it had to be, even though I don't agree with it. I am sorry for your loss too and hope that you are coming to terms with it but you will never forget and that is the way it should be... Sorry if I upset you... take care and here if you need me x x x