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uterus didelphys help

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21 years old. UD. completed vaginal septum removal surgery.

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Reply becky_999
5:51 PM on March 12, 2013 
Hi S!
I am so grateful to have found this website.
I started my periods at 9, very heavy, and bleeding for 20 days a month. Had a ultrasound and was diagnosed with duplex uterus! #
Got on with it, never really wanted to use tampons so always used towels instead.
years passed, then i met my boyfriend at 19, we started having sex and from the set off i knew something wasnt right. So i sat infront of the mirror looking very confused at my vagina and why it looked like there was an ear growing out of it! I've seen 2 GPS and 4 gynaes and today i finally met a gynae who believed me and referred me to a specialist!
I'm having it removed ASAP and just wondered what it's like,
I'm worried about dilators, and pain, just common things really. I've have open heart surgery 4 times so i shouldnt be this worried really. hah!
Any advice would be really really appreciated.
Thank you in advance
Becky xx
Reply S
11:17 PM on April 19, 2012 
Before I became a member of this site, I posted this.
It's my first post, so I thought it might be helpful to someone out there, if I linked it back to me!:

Hey Everyone!

Boy, was I happy to find this site. Wish I found it earlier! I am now 20 years old and just found out that I have UD.

When I first started my period, I had many problems with tampons. After struggling to get a tampon in, I found that I would still leak every time I used one. I thought that I was using them incorrectly, and after asking my mother "Is there any way I can put it in the wrong hole?", she obviously responded "No, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it eventually."

I never got the hang of it...I continued using tampons combined with pads and thick liners for 5 years, assuming tampons just didn't work for me, and that I was "Different." as my mother put it.

It became extremely frustrating. My period got in the way ALL THE TIME. If all my friends wanted to hang out at the beach in our bathing suits, I couldn't join, because I would always leak through my swimsuit...I grew up taking dance lessons, and I would stain all my dance clothing, since I couldn't do ballet in a pad and leotard. And once I started having sex, that was a whole different problem! It was extremely painful the first time, but like everyone else, I expected some pain. The only thing was, it was always painful.

Finally, I started Seasonale birth control. If my periods were going to be such a burden, then I only wanted 4 a year. And i thought maybe it would fix the tampon isse.

After numerous different birth controls, painful sex, and no luck with tampons, I had gone 5 years without knowing what was "wrong" with me. I had 3 vaginal examinations done by 3 different doctorrs, and no one noticed anything?!?!

This is when I sat down and searched the internet myself.

After typing in my symptoms on google, webmd, and medicine net, I came upon a forum with women complaining of the same issues I was having. And I finally found the words I was looking for: "Vaginal Septum".

I sat down in front of a mirror, did some investigating, and diagnosed myself.

I was relieved, scared, and desperately wanted a confirmation from a gyno.

I made an appointment, and sure enough, I was correct. It was a vaginal septum. I was so happy to finally have an answer, and most of all, wanted it to be corrected ASAP! The gyno also explained to me that often times, people who have vaginal septums also have a uterine deformity, and warned me that fertility could be affected.

I got an ultrasound (which didn't get the best image), so i was scheduled for surgery to remove the septum, and recieve a Hysterosalphinography (dye injected into uterus, then an xray to find out the exact shape of my uterus).

I had my surgery today.

I was put out, and woke up in the OR recovery to some painful cramping (which I was warned of ahead of time). Once I rated my pain they placed a warm blanket on my abdomen, and gave me some morphine. My doctor came and visited me, assured me that surgery went smoothly and explained the results of the xrays.

Two cervices, two uteruses, two ovaries. Uterine Didelphys.

He said "Fertility will be affected. But we can talk about that later."

Once I could pass urine, and was no longer light headed, I was allowed to leave. There was some minor bleeding, so they sent me home with a pad. I recieved a prescription for Tylenol 3 as well as Motrin. I have a follow up with my doctor in 4 weeks.

For now, my main concern is fertility. Seems to be different with everyone on here. I really hope I will be able to have children. I've always wanted children. I'm only 20 (so I still have a while), but that's one thing I have known my whole life. A lot of my friends call me "Maternal" or "Motherly", and the few friends I told about my UD wonder why it's me who has this condition and not someone who doesn't want kids.

Another worry is that one day, when I meet someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, what will I tell him? That "I may not be able to have children, so heads up?"

I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Hope my story helps anyone out there with UD! Yours sure helped me!