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uterus didelphys help

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My name is Kaylah I am married and 22 years old. My  husband and I are trying to have our first child. 

My background with uterus didelphys is:

When I had my first period at 12 years old I had extreme amounts of pain. Every month it got worse and worse. I was missing a ton of school and had many doctors appointments trying to find out what was wrong. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that the pain was associated with my period. It got worse every period. After many doctors appointments with doctors telling me I was "looking for attention." Finally one day I was screaming in pain and my mom finally called the doctor balling asking for someone to help her. A doctor fit me in and listened. He decided to do an exam to see if he could feel anything odd. 

While doing the exam he became very serious. He said he felt an extremely large mass in my lower adbomen. The next day I had a laparoscopy which eventually found I had a second uterus that was covered by a septum. Surgery 1: Plain doctor cut a little of the septum to drain uterus. Surgery 2: We fired our first doctor because he should have done and MRI and went straight to the Mayo Clinic: they went in and took the entire septum. (Mayo Clinic Dr said he had 77 surgeries and never had a patient return. Surgery 3: At the Mayo clinic again the septum grew back and they cut it out again. Surgery 4: The Mayo decided they will have to take out my uterus's. My mom was deteremined to save my future (which I thank her for now) She called Dr. Nagel (top doctor in the world) and told his assistant that the Mayo had scheduled a surgery for the next day to take out my uteruses and she  needed a second opinion. Dr Nagel (has MONTHS of waiting list to get an appointment) came to the phone right away and said he would stay late for me. Needless to say it was an easy fix the mayo couldn't even get right. 
(the doctor said I had pain 6 times worse than a woman in labor) This was the pain that lasted me 3 months before diagnosed. 

Ever since I have had heavy painful periods. 

I also have one kidney and scholiosis(I had to wear a body brace for 3 years from 12-15). Apparently this is all associated with Uterus Didelphys.

Now: I am married and ready to start a family with my new husband and I am having so much trouble

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